Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is eligible under this scheme ?

Any BRPL Domestic Consumers can opt for this scheme. The consumer needs to enter the area Pin code on the registration portal to verify if he/she is eligible under the scheme.

2. Which brands/ AC models are available under this scheme ?

OEM’s with their technical specifications will be finalized

3. How can I avail this scheme ?

1. The consumer has to complete the registration process on this web portal.
2. Get in touch with the sales office given by the manufacturers.

4. What is the installation cost?

1. Standard installation is free.
2. Any additional requirements would be charged as per the rate list given by manufacturers

5. What are the documents required for availing the scheme?

1. Govt. issued Proof of Address (POA) of registered consumer.
2. Govt. issued Proof of Identity (POI) of registered consumer.
3. Copy of latest BRPL bill with receipt confirming no overdue.

6. What is the duration of this scheme?

1 year

7. What if I want to replace my old AC

The OEM installing the new AC will dismantle the old AC at an exchanged price and hand it over to E-waste management companies where it will be disposed in a climate friendly way.

8. What are the payment options?

EMI, Debit /credit card schemes.  OEM Sales Executive will explain the cash, credit-debit card, online and also EMI options.