About : EE Appliances

EESL is going to launch the pilot program for BSES Rajdhani by targeting appliances like Super Energy Efficient Air Conditioners, Efficient Ceiling Fans, LED Tube lights, LED bulbs and Induction based Cookstove. The Pilot program will not only be first of its kind in India, but also create a roadmap for other municipalities to emulate for bringing substantial benefit to nation.

As confirmed by BSES Rajdhani, 30,000 ACs, 5,00,000 LED Bulbs, 20,000 Induction cook-stove, 50,000 LED Tube Lights and 20,000 ceiling fans would be considered in this pilot phase. It is expected that deploying 30,000 ACs would save 52.5 million kWh (i.e. about INR 42 Cr. per annum) of electricity per year mitigating around 45,000 t CO2 per year. Additional energy savings are also expected from other appliances. Apart from the above, the AC program is expected to kickstart the usage of refrigerants which are having low global warming potential (GWP). Subsequent to this pilot, a national program would be launched quickly to support our National Cooling Action Plan. This proposal specifies the technical, financial and operational modalities of the scheme.

With the above background, finalization of technical specifications, marketing and awareness activities, supply of the appliances and complain management systems is in process. Also, websites and application would be developed for online ordering, payment and program management.

Objective :

The main objective of the program is to deploy energy efficient appliances at an affordable price, with extended product features while assisting through online platform. Following are the main objectives of this scheme:

  • Business development through DISCOMs & ULBs.
  • Continuous supply chain for EE appliances.
  • Leveraging International obligations on climate change: Kigali & Paris agreement.
  • Support in enabling the reduction in oil & gas consumption as per NITI Aayog Vision 75 years.
  • Capacity building of DISCOMs & ULBs in states.
  • Promotion of ESCO market.
  • Support in EE appliances covering Standards and Labelling (S&L) programme as per NITI Aayog Vision 75 Years.
Super Efficient AC

EESl’s AC program aims to promote energy efficiency in the cooling sector by making super efficient AC’s affordable for the common consumer and at the same time strengthen government’s vision of phasing out environmentally detrimental refrigerants used in air conditioners as envisioned in the India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP).
Under this scheme 30,000 energy efficient AC’s are up for grabs for BSES Rajdhani customers both residential and commercial, on first come first serve basis.

Induction Cook Stove

Each consumer will be provided with Induction cookstove of 1200 W, single stove which is about 20% higher efficient than LPG burners.

UJALA Appliances

EESL proposes to extend its successful UJALA program by providing following energy efficient appliances