Super- Efficient Air Conditioning Programme

EESl’s AC program aims to promote energy efficiency in the cooling sector by making super efficient AC’s affordable for the common consumer and at the same time strengthen government’s vision of phasing out environmentally detrimental refrigerants used in air conditioners as envisioned in the India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP).

Under this scheme 30,000 energy efficient AC’s are up for grabs for BSES Rajdhani customers both residential and commercial, on first come first serve basis.



  • Upto 40% savings on monthly electricity bill
  • Latest technology product at affordable prices
  • Lucrative financing schemes


  • Reduce peak load demand
  • Optimize Infrastructure investment
  • Support DSM program


  • New business prospects for efficient technologies
  • Innovation and research
  • Corporate social responsibility


  • National savings on the accounts of efficiency and avoided generation
  • Strengthen ICAP by reducing CO2 emissions
  • Increase access of energy to masses

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