1: What is an inverter air conditioner? Is it more efficient than a conventional air conditioner?

An inverter air conditioner works on a variable speed compressor which does not switch on and off like regular ACs. Rather than depending on the heat load of the room, it varies its speed and achieves the desired temperature with lesser power consumption. Voltas Super-Efficient Inverter ACs are powered with steady cool inverter compressor that gives you faster cooling and more saving. Hence, it is more efficient than a conventional inverter compressor.

2. What is ISEER rating for air conditioners?

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) introduced a new star rating regime for all ACs from January 1, 2018. Titled the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER), this rating regime factors in the variance in higher temperatures and different climatic zones in India, and then rates ACs accordingly. It measures energy efficiency of ACs based on a weighted average of the performance in outside temperatures.

3. What is the electrical consumption of an air conditioner per month?

Estimated Electrical Consumption = Input (kW) x No. of hours used x No. of days per month x Current Utility Rate

4. How much area can a 1.5 Ton split ac cool?

A 1.5 ton split AC is an ideal choice for rooms measuring up to 13 – 14.8 sq. mtr, depending on the location, facing direction, floor etc. Apart from this, you also need to consider star rating which is an indicator of the appliance’s energy efficiency. If you need an AC with the least power consumption for extensive usage, opt for an AC with 5-star rating.

5. What star rating of ac is ideal for my room?

Considering that AC use is energy-intensive, users should buy a high star-rated AC if they plan to use it for many hours on a daily basis. Buying a higher star rated AC would help to lower the units of electricity consumption over time. The star rating can range from one to five stars. Put simply, the more the number of hours of usage of the AC, the higher is its star rating requirement.

6. What is turbo mode in an ac?

The Turbo Mode in the AC delivers higher air flow with its unique louvre design to help cool the room faster with no hot spots in a short period.

7. What is sleep mode in an ac?

The sleep mode maintains a comfortable temperature by cutting excessive cooling and power consumption, so you sleep comfortably all night.

8. What is e-saver in an ac?

This optimises the power consumption saving your electricity bills.

1. Who is eligible under this scheme?

All Consumers Delhi & NCR, Mumbai & Thane, Maharashtra, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kolkata, West Bengal, Bengaluru, Karnataka, Hyderabad, Telangana, Jaipur, Rajasthan can opt for this scheme. The consumer needs to enter the name of city on the registration portal to verify if he/she is eligible under the scheme. The program will be rolled out pan India in a phased manner.

2. Which brands/ AC models are available under this scheme?

AC model of Voltas is available under this scheme

3. How can I avail this scheme?

The consumer has to complete the registration process on this web portal to buy an AC or to avail the scheme.

4. What is the installation cost?

1. Standard installation cost is Rs. 1,400/- (inclusive of all taxes)
2. Any additional requirements would be charged as per the rate list given under the ‘Installation Policy’ section.

5. What is the duration of this scheme?

One year

6. Is there any option to replace my old ac?

Yes, the Exchange Rate of an Old Working AC is Rs. 2,500/-

7. What are the payment options?

Through EMI, Debit Cards & Credit Cards

8. What is the maximum limit to buy the ac?

There is no limit. Anyone can buy as much as he/she wants. However, the resale of these ACs is strictly prohibited.

9. Is there any registration fee under this scheme?

This is a pilot programme launched by EESL for the benefit of domestic and institutional consumers. There is NO fee being charged for participating in this scheme.

10. What is the procedure for complaint handling?

All the website-related complaints can be made to EESL, and product-related complaints to Voltas through email or call to the respective customer care departments.

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