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Ramping up energy efficiency through innovative interventions is now more pivotal than ever before. Our government has been focused on increasing the uptake of energy efficiency across sectors and use of energy efficient appliances in buildings has been identified as a valuable proposition. The use of energy efficient appliances can reduce India’s peak power demand and emissions considerably, and thus help the nation in its climate action efforts. Energy efficient appliances have also been indispensable in mainstreaming energy efficiency in India.

EESL has been anchoring India’s energy efficiency initiatives for more than a decade, with interventions across sectors such as transportation, lighting, energy generation and buildings among others. Now, EESL’s myriad of energy efficient appliances are easily accessible on EESLmart.in.

EESLmart is a one stop shop for all energy efficient appliances in the country. In a bid to rapidly boost energy efficiency in India, we have brought together appliances such as Super-Efficient ACs, LED bulbs, BLDC fans and energy efficient motors under the umbrella of our bespoke website – eeslmart.in. Consumers can now seamlessly browse and buy an array of energy efficient products with just a click.


BLDC stands for brush-less direct-current motor, a special type of motor which has permanent magnet instead of electromagnets found in a conventional induction motor. BLDC motor has important advantages over induction motor like low electricity consumption, lesser noise generation and better lifespan.


With the goal of integrating energy efficiency into India’s cooling sector, Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) has initiated a first of its kind, Super-Efficient Air Conditioning programme. Consumers can buy the Super-Efficient Air Conditioners distributed by EESL at prices that are comparable to the most energy-efficient ACs in the market.


These Super-Efficient ACs will provide 1.5-TR cooling capacity at high ambient temperature while also reducing the cost of cooling by 50%. Under the first phase, EESL will distribute 50,000 super energy efficient and environment-friendly ACs accros India by partnering with different state discoms.

National Motor Replacement Program

The primary objective of National Motor Replacement Program (NMRP) is to enable easier and faster adoption of premium efficiency IE3 motors by addressing the barrier of paying a higher & upfront cost by the industry. The program aims to replace the currently installed lower efficiency motors which are old and have been rewound multiple times over its lifetime, with new IE3 motors.

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motor pump

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