Dear Customer,

We wish you a long and happy association with your EESL’s Super-Efficient Air Conditioner. However, we would like you to know your rights with respect to your Voltas Air Conditioner bearing serial number.

You are entitled to:

  1. Repairs or replacement of any part or parts except plastic parts like grill, louvers. etc. of the air conditioner for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, when we identify the defects as due to faulty material or workmanship and not due to improper usage, or faulty electric supply/connection.
  2. The defective part/material shall be replaced with a functionally working equivalent part material.
  3. Free after-sales service during the above-mentioned period is available within the municipal limits of the city or town

Voltas Guarantees to honour your above-mentioned rights

You may please note

  1. Repair or replacement of parts under your entitlement would be carried out by the nearest Voltas Service Station/Authorised Dealer. In case your air conditioner requires repairs at the workshop, our representative will advise you accordingly.
  2. Your entitlement mentioned above, is confined to repair and replacement of the defective parts only and does not cover any consequential or resulting liablity, damage or loss or replacement of the air conditioner itself or refund of the price.
  3. We shall not be able to honour your entitlement if
    • your air conditioner is modified or improperly installed or repaired; or
    • damage is caused by accident, fire or misuse; or
    • the original serial numbers are removed, obliterated or altered from the air conditioner
  4. We request you to inform our nearest Voltas Service Station/Authorised dealer in advance, of any change in location of the unit or ownership to enable us to transfer your guarantee, after inspection to the new location/owner.

Repair and replacement of the compressor will be done under the following terms and conditions:

  1. Replacement and repair will not be carried out in case of accident, misuse, corrosion and other environmental reasons.
  2. It is a must for you to use a Voltage stabiliser along with the air conditioner, which should meet the specifications laid down by Voltas personnel. We will not be responsible for any damages due to the defects in the electric installation or voltage fluctuations.
  3. The owner must clean the air filter of the air conditioner at regular intervals.
  4. We will not be responsible for any damage due to change of location of the unit. Any change in the location must be notified to us at least 15 days in advance.
  5. If the compressor fails, Voltas has the right to have the machine inspected, to determine if the usage has been as per their advice, failing which Voltas will not replace the compressor.
  6. All parts replaced other than the compressor will be charged extra. Transportation to and from the service station and gas charging will be charged extra.

5 Year Compressor Warranty Certificate

Dear Customer,

Now your Voltas Air Conditioner comes along with a complete 5 years Compressor Warranty. Voltas undertakes to repair or replace the compressor of your air conditioner, due to any malfunction during normal usage in the first five years. We wish you a long and happy association with your Voltas Air Conditioner. Please make sure to fill up the following details completely without which this certificate will not be legitimate.

  • Customer name
  • Name of model
  • Model No
  • Air Conditioner Sr.No
  • Compressor Sr No
  • Date of Purchase
  • Name of the dealer
  • Voltas advises its customers to enter into an Annual Maintenance Contract with us, to increase the life of the compressor far beyond five years and also to ensure optimum electricity consumption during its entire lifetime
Terms & Conditions of Extended Warranty are as mentioned below :
  • 1)5 year comprehensive warranty ( 1 + 4 year extended) on functional parts, Gas Charging &labor ( for Repairs or replacements except plastic parts like grill, louvers. Etc, of the air conditioner for a period of 60 months from the date of purchase)
  • 2) From 2nd year until 5th year, Customer to register with Voltas for 2 Preventive Maintenance Service in a year which will be carried out by Voltas Authorized service partner. Standard labor charges towards carrying out this Maintenance will have to be borne by the customer as per rate prevailing at that point of time. The same is required to ensure proper functioning of the machine.
  • 3) The extended warranty will be void in case the Air conditioner is
    • a) Improperly installed by third party, repaired by unauthorized personnel, modified, improper usage, or due to faulty electric supply/connection, Voltage fluctuations, etc.
    • b) Damage is caused by accident, fire or misuse; or
    • c) The original serial numbers are removed, obliterated or altered from the air conditioner.
  • Note: If the provided details are found to be incorrect at any point of time during the said period then warranty will not be applicable.

Customer Care No. 1860 599 4555, 24 Hrs & 7 Days A Week.

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