1.0 TR Super Efficient 5 Star Split AC

(ISEER- 6.2, Triple Inverter Technology, Self Cleaning Technology, Automatic Built-in Voltage Stabilizer)
MRP: ₹ 55,000.00 incl tax
₹ 36,501.00 incl tax / Unit
Your price: ₹ 33,456.02 incl tax (Discount Applied)

Standard Installation Charges (Rs. 1500 + taxes, as applicable) to be paid directly to brand technician at the door step.

    For Institutional Orders: Delivery within 30 days

    For Retail Orders : Delivery within 15 days

    For Installation : Within 7 days of delivery

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    • EESL's Super-Efficient Air Conditioners come with an impressive Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (ISEER) of 6.2 for 1.0 Ton. Experience unmatched performance and sustainability with EESL's super-efficient ACs. (It may consume 19% less power compared with the conventional 5 star AC).
    • Triple Inverter Technology.
    • Copper Condenser Coil.
    • Hydrophilic Coating & Nano-Coating for Copper parts.
    • Self-cleaning Technology.
    • Automatic Built-in Voltage Stabilizer.
    • Quality Assured Product.
    • Better Sales and Services Support.
    • Refrigerant-R32.


    Standard Installation Kit (along with item)  : 

    • Three-meter copper piping (refrigerant and suction) with insulation 
    • Three meter insulated electric cable (3 core 2.5 Sq mm) 
    • Three-meter drainpipe (25mm dia Hard PVC/Mesh pipe  
    • Support brackets for cables and pipes as required. 


    Additional Items (Optional for the customer)

    Such additional material shall be billed directly by the installing agency to the end customer for which payment shall be made by them directly to the service provider/ OEM. This provision is optional to the customer. 


    Item Description

    Rate on F.O.R destination basis (Exclusive of GST) INR

    Refrigerant Copper pipe (Rs. Per meter) inclusive of installation


    Drainpipe (Rs. per meter) inclusive of installation


    Outdoor Unit Stand (Rs. per stand) inclusive of installation


    Dismantling of Window AC (Rs per AC)


    Dismantling of Split AC (Rs per AC)


    Attribute nameAttribute value
    Rated Cooling Capacity (W)1 TR Only Cooling
    RefrigerantAll low GWP refrigerants which match regulatory requirements allowed (except R-22).
    Rated Voltage (V)230
    Frequency (Hz)50 Hz (+/-2%)
    GWP and ODSGWP < 700 and zero ODS
    ISEER (Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)Greater than or equal to 6.2
    Maximum Operating Temperature (°C)52°C
    No Derating (At 100% Load)Up to 46°C
    Modes of operationCool, Dry, Auto, Fan, Sleep, Timer with remote
    ColorWhite (indoor and outdoor unit)
    Remote typeLCD, cordless, temperature, cooling mode, fan speed, turbo, etc. on the display & White in color.
    Material of Condenser and Evaporative coil100% Copper
    WarrantiesComprehensive Warranty of 1 year for overall AC unit. Additional Warranties a) For PCB - 1 + 4 year b) For Compressor 1+ 9 years. a. Refrigerant circuit - Covered under 1-year Comprehensive Warranty including Gas Leakage

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